about abigail m. designs

abigail m. designs is a Somerville, Massachusetts-based clothing and textile design company, founded and run by me, Abigail M. I have been sewing and designing for ten years, and specialize in children’s clothing, quilts and accessories. I believe that people should have the opportunity to purchase beautiful clothes and textiles at an affordable cost, and to have those items look and fit exactly as they dreamed.┬áMy aesthetic tends toward simple, bold and colorful designs that are vibrant, but not gaudy.

Most of my products are custom-made to order with a few stock items available at any time. Everything is handmade and local. We don’t yet have a “buy” button on the site, but I hope you will look around at my work and email me with questions, inquiries and orders at abigail (at) abigailm (dot) com. I look forward to making you feel warm, cozy and beautiful.

- Abigail M.